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Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety

Behaviour - Brain - Body Research Centre

Centre for Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience

Centre for Social Change

Conservation Psychology and Applied Animal Behaviour Research Group

School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Christina Ambrosi
The core of vulnerability and psychopathology
Supervisors:  A/Prof Phil Kavanagh, Dr Sara McLean

Sophie Dahlenburg
Social media, narcissism, and self-esteem: factors influencing body dissatisfaction and health risk behaviours in males.
Prof David Gleaves, Dr Amanda Hutchinson

Rosemaria Flaherty
High risk child protection birth alerts - Who cares?
Supervisors:  Prof Fiona Arney, A/Prof Leah Bromfield

Karyne Framand
Metastereotypes as mediator to the effect of group identification on support for intergroup aggression
Supervisors: A/Prof Phil Kavanagh, Prof David Gleaves

Bianca Kahl
Not so different after all: An exploration of relationship processes in the LGBTQ community
Supervisors:  A/Prof Phil Kavanagh, Prof David Gleaves

Vanessa Leane
How can older people flourish in constrained and limited circumstances?
Supervisors:  Dr Robert Ranzijn, Dr Sue King, Dr Lorna Hallahan

Stewart McDougall
Examining the utility of a brief screening tool for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Supervisors:  Prof Fiona Arney, Dr Andrea Fielder

Jenna Meiksans
Challenges to placing children with kin: Psychometric validation of the child placement questionnaire
Supervisors:  Prof Fiona Arney, Dr Sara McLean, Dr Paul Harnett

Olivia Octoman
Cumulative harm: the outcomes, risk and protective factors associated with chronic maltreatment
Supervisors:  A/Prof Leah Bromfield, Prof Fiona Arney, Dr Mary Salveron

Amy Parkes
Indigenous Australian women who are sole parents:  exploring social support
Supervisors:  Dr Carole Zufferey, Dr Nicole Moulding, Dr Eva McRae-Williams 

Victoria Parsons
Child sexual abuse enabling knowledge, attitudes and planned behaviours.

Supervisors: Prof Leah Bromfield Smith, Dr James Herbert


Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety


Joanne McInnes
How might work engagement change over time
Supervisors:  Prof Tony Winefield, Dr Sharron King, Prof Christian Dormann

Emily Miller
Exploring educational experiences and outcomes for Australian students of refugee background: improving school policy and practice for effective educational pathways
Supervisors:  A/Prof Tahereh Ziaiain, Dr Helena De Anstiss

Annabelle Neall
Bystander intervention in counterproductive workplace behaviours: What motivates workers and what influence do they have?
Supervisors:  A/Prof Michelle Tuckey, A/Prof Phil Kavanagh

Rachael Potter
Psychosocial safety climate: development of an organisational intervention
Supervisors: Prof Maureen Dollard, Dr Valerie O'Keeffe

Jean-Marie See
Breach of psychological contract in nurses in South Australia: consequences for retention
Supervisors:  Prof Tony Winefield, Prof Maureen Dollard, Dr Silvia Pignata

Terry Taylor
Shame: a core factor in the symptoms of PTSD and the development of comorbidities
Supervisors: Prof Tony Winefield, A/Prof Nicole Moulding


Behaviour - Brain - Body Research Centre


Dilushi Chandrakumar
Neglect of the left-side world: the brains response to fatigue
Supervisors:  Dr Tobias Loetscher, Dr Hannah Keage, A/Prof Siobhan Banks

Daniel Coro
The effects of a lutein-rich diet on sleep and cognitive function in cancer survivors.
Supervisors: Dr Amanda Hutchinson, A/Prof Siobhan Banks, A/Prof Siobhan Banks

Crystal Grant
The impact of shift work on diet, energy expenditure, cognitive performance and mood
Supervisors:  A/Prof Siobhan Banks, A/Prof Jill Dorrian, Dr Alison Coates

Danielle Greaves
Cognitive training to prevent cognitive impairment after cardiovascular surgeries in older adults
Supervisors:  Dr Hannah Keage, Dr Ashleigh Smith, Dr Daniel Davis

Charlotte Gupta
Impact of night time meals on cognitive performance.
Supervisors: A/Prof Siobhan Banks, A/Prof Jill Dorrian

Louise Lavrencic
Social and neurocognition in adulthood: Investigating cognitive reserve free measures of ability in older adults
Supervisors:  Dr Hannah Keage, Dr Owen Churches

Dimitrios Saredakis
Cognitive training and transfer to real world outcomes in older adults.
Dr Tobias Loetscher, Dr Hannah Keage

Jackie Stepien-Hulleman 
Shiftwork, circadian rhythyms, sleep, and diet: methods for measuring and shifting body timing systems
Supervisors:  A/Prof Siobhan Banks, A/Prof Jill Dorrian, A/Prof Alison Coates

Reena Tewari
Differentiating depression from early dementia the role of neuropsychological assessment
Supervisors: Dr Hannah Keage, Dr Tobias Loetscher, Prof Renuka Visvanathan

Erica Tilley
Cardiovascular surgery in the older population: effects on cognition and associated biomarkers
Supervisors: Dr Hannah Keage, Dr Tobias Loetscher


Centre for Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience


Zachariah Reuben Cross
The role of sleep in language learning: An electrophysiological and neuroanatomical investigation.
Supervisors:  Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky; Dr Mark Kohler; Pros Mary Carskadon

Matthew Hendrickx
The role of sleep in facilitating the generalization of information across sensory modalities
Supervisors: Dr Mark Kohler

Louise Kyriaki
Using brain stimulation to investigate the functions of the dorsal and ventral language pathways in the brain.
Supervisors: Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schelsewsky; Dr Gabrielle Todd

Daniel Rogers
Establishing trust in autonomous systems: a neurocognitive investigation into the role of human factors
Supervisors: Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Prof Reginald Finn

Kate Riggal
How does the 'aplha rhythym' of the human electroencephalogram (EEG) change during development, and how is this related to environmental factors and cognitive performance?
Supervisors: Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Dr Mark Kohler

Amanda Santamaria
A neural basis for the benefit of sleep for emotional memory across the lifespan
Supervisors: Dr Mark Kohler, Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky

Isabella Sharrad
Do adults aged 40 to 60 years show advantages in real-time language comprehension?
Supervisors: Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Dr Valeria Bellan

Lena Zou
Investigating the neural mechanisms and individual predictors underlying the effects of mental training on perceptual-motor learning and performance.
Supervisors: Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Dr Maarten Immink, Prof Bruce Thomas, Prof Mark Billinghurst


Centre for Social Change


Leonnie Blumson
If only you had been a boy exploring the lived experiences of farming daughters in Australia
Supervisors: A/Prof Lia Bryant, Dr Brianne Hastie

Simon Burnside
Methamphetamine use and offending: a Critical analysis, the tip of the iceberg?
Supervisors: A/Prof Deirdre Tedmanson

Siti Fitriani
Perception of Papuan parents on good parenting
Supervisors: Dr Carole Zufferey

Shane Fotheringham
Child protection social workers and social work managers experience of mandatory registration.
Supervisors: A/Prof Nicole Moulding, Dr Fiona Buchanan

Gipsy Hosking
But you dont look sick. Making visible the lives of Australian young adults living with invisible and contested chronic illness.
Supervisors: A/Prof Lia Bryant; A/Prof Nicole Moulding

Trang Le
Social work services for sexual and gender minorities in urban Vietnam
Supervisors:  Dr Nilan Yu; Dr Fiona Buchanan

Robert Leonard
Is cognitive behaviour therapy effective in the real world, private proactive treatment of panic disorders and agoraphobics
Supervisors:  Prof Bernard Guerin, Dr Phil Mohr

Kristen Stevens
The shifting state of Australian welfare: the cashless debit card in Australian communities.
Supervisors:  A/Prof Deirdre Tedmanson, Prof Bernard Guerin, Dr Katja Siefken

Peter Squires
An investigation of the factors affecting the integration of Middle Eastern refugee youth in Australia
Supervisors:  Prof Bernard Guerin, Dr Shepard Masocha

Susan Tilley
A genealogical tracing of income management and the manifestation of ideological continuities of Settler-Colonialism and Neoliberalism - an examination of the impact on Aboriginal communities in twent..
Supervisors: A/Prof Deirdre Tedmanson

Anthony Thain
Contextualizing thinking in research and theory. Tracing the contexts for intrusive, re-appearing thoughts over time.
Supervisors:  Prof Bernard Guerin, Prof Kurt Lushington

Gayle Tourish
Identifying discourses surrounding domestic violence and the impact of these on victim-blaming, stigma, and women's help-seeking behaviour.
Supervisors: A/Prof Nicole Moulding, Dr Fiona Buchanan

Charles Wickins
Exploring Welfare Dependency among Adolescents: the Role of the `Unreasonable to Live at Hom (ULH) Youth Allowance in Intergenerational Disadvantage
Supervisors: A/Prof Deirdre Tedmanson

Kerre Willsher
Aboriginal Australian women’s diverse experiences of motherhood
Supervisors: A/Prof Nicole Moulding, Dr Kalpana Goel

Metta Young
Innovation, entrepreunership and the remote economy: the role of the private sector in facilitating Indigenous community led economic development
Supervisors: A/Prof Deirdre Tedmanson, Dr Freya Higgins Desbiolles


Conservation Psychology and Applied Animal Behaviour Research Group


Brianna Le Busque
Travelling towards shark conservation: a conservation psychology investigation of Australian Whale Shark and White Shark tourism experiences
Supervisors:  Dr Carla Litchfield, A/Prof Jillian Dorrian, Dr Philip Roetman

Sarah Mellish
The application of conservation psychology to assess and enhance aquarium visitor's informal learning experiences
Supervisors: A/Prof Michelle Tuckey, Dr Elissa Pearson, Mr Duncan Murray

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