Languages and Literacies as Mobile and Placed Resources

Languages and Literacies as Mobile and Placed Resources explores how languages and literacies are implicated in the complex relationship between place and mobility.

Edited by Associate Professor Sue Nichols, Group Leader of the Multiliteracies and Global Englishes Research Group in the Centre for Research in Education, and Dr Collette Snowden, Senior Lecturer in the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages, the book examines emergent theories of mobility, networking and globalisation to account for the dynamic landscape of globally circulating communication resources.

“In this volume, we’re particularly interested in what happens to languages and literacies as resources in place and also as mobile between places,” Assoc Prof Nichols says.

“The field of communication studies has long recognised that effective communication is a matter of being fit for purpose. But this competence is jeopardised under conditions of mobility – whether virtual or material. Mobility changes the conditions of communication by bringing communicators into interaction with those who are in different contexts than themselves.”

The book comprises an international range of carefully chosen contributors, and addresses diverse contexts including marketing, charity, journalism, community organisation and parenting, as well as school and higher education. Reported studies were carried out in Asia, Africa, North America and Australia making this a truly international volume.

A must read text for academics interested in semiotics and literacy studies, the book is available to purchase online.

Areas of study and research

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