School awards

In association with industry partners and sponsors, the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages offer a range of prizes and awards recognising achievement for both postgraduate and undergraduate studies.

School prizes and awards cover several areas including journalism, poetry, writing and communication. Check out our winners below.

Max Harris Poetry Award

This annual national award aims to recognise the work and talent of Australian poets. Established in 1993 with the encouragement of acclaimed writer Max Harris, this award acknowledges the significant contribution that poetry offers to Australian literary culture.

Winner receives: $3,000

Year Winners
2013 Homer Reith
2012 Not awarded in 2012
2011 Not awarded in 2011
2010 Not awarded in 2010
2009 Brett Dionysius
2008 Shane McCauley
2007 Jan Owen

The Brain Injury Network (BINSA) Student Journalism Award

Awarded to two final year Bachelor of Journalism students for a 750 word feature article on an aspect of the topic of brain injury.

Prize: $500

Year Winners
2013 Cheryl Jenner
2012 Celeste Villani
2011 Rosyn Murphy
2010 Kirstin Leigh Jenkins
2009 Not awarded
2008 Heather Kennett Kate Mitchell
2007 Sonia Gentile
Alice Emily Monfries
Danielle Elise Cook
Julia Renee Morley
Ebony Dohnal

The National Nine News Student Journalism Award

Awarded for the best television presentation by members of the journalism television class.

Winner receives: $500 

2013 Georgina Hore
Patrick Major
Myles Wallace
Laura Eckert
Thomas Angley
2012 Matthew Doran
Russell Jones
Renee Totsikas
2011 Britt Dianne Habner
Lucille Georgina Gore
Adam Rende Luitjes
Roscoe James Whalan
2010 Megan Dempsey
Edward Godfrey
Amelia Vogelsang
Teegan Dolling
2009 Maria Ianniello
Kristin Haseldine
Louise Pascale
Nina Photakis
2008 Chloe Kennedy
Basia Rusziewicz
Shantal Hart
Kate Bourne
2007 Shadiya Nusrat
Thomas Alexander Wilson
Thomas Alexander Ootes
Kimberley Sarah Robertson
Kathryn Jensen

Wilmar Library Prize

Awarded biennially to the student from the Bachelor of Arts Writing and Creative Communication for outstanding achievement.

Winner receives: $500

2012 Cheryl Jenner
2010 Sarah Burney
2009 Not awarded
2008 Not awarded
2007 Lisa Greiger

South Australian Media Award - Journalism Student (Undergraduate)

Awarded to the student with the highest grade point average in the final year of their studies.

Winner receives: A trophy 

2014 Isabella Pittaway
2013 Jemma Pietrus
2012 Lauren Waldhuter
2011 John Stokes
2010 Brigette Elliott
2009 Stephanie Boltje
Catherine Graue
2008 Jessica Marshallsay
2007 Lisa Anne Maksimovic

Cecil Teesdale-Smith Award

This award was established in memory of Cecil Teesdale-Smith. The prize commemorates a highly respected lecturer in Literary Studies from Magill Campus. It is awarded by the Professional Writing team on an annual basis to a student who has consistently produced outstanding work across a range of courses which involve the production of creative writing.

Winner receives: $70 book voucher

2013 Ashleigh Campbell
2012 Sarah-Jane Ormsby
2011 Alfred William Robert Simpson
2010 Pablo Muslera
2009 Leeston McNab
2008 Mark Edwards
2007 Veronica Williams
2006 Karin Holzknecht
2005 Gillian Ratcliff

Schulz Communication Prize

The prize will be awarded to the student who has completed the Graduate Diploma in Communication (Public Relations) or the Master of Arts (Communication Management) with the highest GPA in the program. (This prize is no longer awarded)

Winner receives: $1000 

Year Winners
2012 Connie Hassouros
2011 Eloise Karena Dreimanis
Jane Frances Russell
2010 Jodie O'Dea
2009 Kimberly Nightingale
2008 Diane Lee
2007 Felix Riley

Australian Centre for Child Protection Journalism Prize

Established by the UniSA-based national research centre in conjunction with the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages, the prize is open to students enrolled in journalism ethics courses at UniSA. The prize aims to help journalism students to think beyond sensationalist treatments and consider broader issues such as the underlying causes of abuse and neglect and preventative strategies. (This Prize is no longer awarded)

Winner receives: $1000 

Year Winners
2013 Letitia Custance
2012 Bethany Excell
2011 Madeline Kate Holmes
2010 Elise Fantin
Anne Fedorowytsch (runner up)

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