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Professional staff

School Manager: Kerri Maccini

Personal Assistant to HOS:  Aleksandra Vergulis

Project Manager: Brad Gascoigne

Project Officer:  Eleanor Jackson-Bowers

Team Leader (Teaching): Brad Gascoigne

Senior Academic Services Officer (Teaching): Arna Eyers-White

Senior Placement Officer: John Gartland

Academic Services Officer: Di Levin

Academic Services Officer: Dom Panagaris

Academic Services Officer: Di Banbury

Academic Services Officer:  Linda Waldrum

Academic Services Officer: Rosie Paradiso

Team Leader (Research): Julie White

Senior Academic Services Officer: Martina Nist

Academic Services Officer: Anna Dinys

Administrative Assistant: Tova Worroll

Administrative Assistant: Henry Taylor

Technical support staff

Senior Technical Officer: Andrei Gostin 

Technical Officer: Andrew Shanks 

Technical Officer: Peter Nielsen

Technical Officer: Justin McGuiness

Program Directors

Bachelor of Arts: Dr Jonathan Crichton 

Bachelor of Arts (Deputy Program Director): Dr Jodie George 

Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing: Patrizia Furlan

Master of Arts (Journalism): Prof Ian Richards

Bachelor of Communication and Media: Dr Collette Snowden

Bachelor of Media Arts: Jenny Webber

Bachelor of Arts (Honours): Dr Tim Curnow

Graduate Diploma in Public Relations: Dr Leanne Glenny

Doctor of Philosophy: Associate Professor Brad West

Academic staff

Biro, Dr Daniel - Lecturer: International Studies

Chapman, Dr Dave - Senior Lecturer: Japanese Studies

Chiro, Dr Giancarlo - Program Director: Languages and Culture Studies

Conrich, Assoc Prof Ian - Associate Professor

Crichton, Dr Jonathan - Program Director: Languages and Intercultural Communication

Curnow, Dr Tim - Program Director: Honours

Diallo, Dr Ibrahima - Lecturer: French Studies

Fewster, Dr Russell - Lecturer: Drama and Performing Arts

Fopp, Dr Rodney - Senior Lecturer: Sociology

Furlan, Ms Patrizia - Lecturer: Journalism

George, Dr Jodie - Deputy Program Director - Bachelor of Arts

Glenny, Dr Leanne - Lecturer: Public Relations

Grave, Dr Isobel - Lecturer: Italian Studies

Green, Prof Kerry - Professor: Journalism

Heugh, Dr Kathleen - Associate Professor: Applied Linguistics

Hutchison, Mr Ian - Lecturer: Film and TV Production

Hogarth, Dr Chris - Lecturer:  French

Jaworski, Dr Katrina - Lecturer: Cultural Studies

Kaleva, Dr Daniela - Lecturer: Music

Khan, Dr Shamsul - Senior Lecturer: International Studies

Kohler, Dr Michelle - Research Fellow

Liddicoat, Prof Tony - Professor: Applied Linguistics

Luckman, Assoc Prof Susan - Professor: Cultural Studies

Lundberg, Dr David - Senior Director: International Studies

Marriott, Dr Phil - Lecturer: Electronic Computer & Information Management

MacKenzie, Prof Clayton, Head of School: Communication, International Studies & Languages

McCarthy, Dr Joshua -  Lecturer: Communication (Digital Media)

O'Callaghan, Dr Terry - Senior Lecturer: International Studies

Page, Dr Sue - Senior Lecturer: Writing and Creative Communication

Petrescu, Dr Ioana - Senior Lecturer: Professional Writing

Porter, Prof Elisabeth - Professor: International Studies

Richards, Prof Ian - Professor: Journalism

Scarino, Assoc Prof Angela - Director: Research Centre for Languages and Cultures

Scrimgeour, Mr Andrew - Research Fellow: Linguistics

Sheila Scutter - Research Assistant

Simpson, Dr Adam - Lecturer: International Studies

Snowden, Dr Collette - Program Director: Media Management

Stubbs, Dr Ben - Lecturer: Professional Writing (Journalism)

Tudini, Dr Enza - Senior Lecturer: Language and Culture

Walton, Dr Saige- Lecturer: Screen Studies

Webber, Mrs Jenny - Lecturer: Digital Media

West, Dr Brad - Associate Head of School: Research/Senior Lecturer: Sociology

Yoshida, Dr Reiko - Lecturer: Japanese

Adjunct staff

Bishop, Assoc Prof Peter

Crowley, Dr Vicki

Franzway, Professor Suzanne

Kurzel, Mr Frank

Schulz, Dr Pamela

Skrebels, Dr Paul

Starck, Dr Nigel

Tran, Assoc Prof My-Van

Wood, Assoc Prof Denise

Areas of study and research

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