Industry and community

The Art, Architecture and Design School creatively connects students and staff with industry and community through a range of consultancy projects in five key areas.

  • matchstudio provides students with the opportunity to participate in real life client based projects that engage with community in diverse and creative ways.
  • Design & Construct projects in rural and remote areas work closely with local communities, from initial design through to final construction of buildings.
  • The SASA Gallery is a public gallery that supports contemporary and experimental art through its exhibitions, publications and external scholar programs.
  • The Architecture Museum is a unique repository of historial records relating to South Australia's architectural and built environments.
  • Symposia and conferences that are organised by the School facilitate design discourse in the broader community. 

We welcome your participation and input, and look forward to engaging with you on future projects that benefit community and industry.


Connect with us

  • matchstudio


    See how this multidisclinary research and professional practice studio supports students in their transition from university to work.

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  • Design & Construct

    Design & Construct

    Engage our professional consultancy service, integrating undergraduate teaching practice with academic research. 

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  • Architecture Museum

    Architecture Museum

    Access this unique repository of South Australian architectural records.

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  • SASA Gallery

    SASA Gallery

    Explore this outstanding research facility which conducts exhibition, publication and external scholar programs.

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Areas of study and research

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