Behaviour in Australian Schools: Current Trends and Possibilities

16 July 2014


H2-16, Hawke Building
City West Campus
Wednesday 9am-4pm

This conference aims to challenge dominant thinking about behaviour and will examine approaches that respect students’ human dignity, treat students fairly rather than equally, and promote humanistic and inclusive policies and practices related to behaviour. It will be catalyst for collaboration between policy analysts, public intellectuals, academics, teachers and other professionals that have an interest in behaviour in schools.

Topics will include:

Views of young people
Student voice
Student engagement
Managing behaviour
School leadership
Rights of children in schools

Participants will include:

Dr Anna Sullivan, University of South Australia
Professor Bruce Johnson, University of South Australia
Mr Bill Lucas, University of South Australia
Ms Megan Mitchell, National Children's Commissioner
Professor Barry Down, Murdoch University
Professor Roger Slee, Victoria University
Professor Rob Hattam, University of South Australia
Dr Tim McDonald, Director of Catholic Education, WA Associate
Professor Linda Graham, Queensland University of Technology

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For further information about this event, please visit the CREd Webpage here

For any other information please contact the convenor

Dr Anna Sullivan
T: 08 83024252

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