About the Division

Universities play a crucial role in creating and developing our societies. At the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences (EASS) we embrace this privileged position, delivering teaching, learning and research that is dynamic, applied and socially engaged.

The Division works across a wide field of the arts, humanities and social sciences, positively impacting more than 10,300 students  who are studying a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees on every UniSA campus.
 Our Schools and programs encourage inter-disciplinary program development and give our students a truly unique study experience. We take great pride in liaising with industry and the professions to provide a university experience that will prepare our students for their professional careers.

Valuing diversity, leadership and scholarship

Committed to Australian reconciliation, we provide strong support for the development of programs and research to meet the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders studying across the University.

The great diversity among our staff and students is a valued strength. We have a clear view of our performance in the national context, with our best work establishing an increasingly strong international reputation.

The Division promotes the widest expression of talents and scholarship, encouraging leadership in community service and public intellectualism, engagement in the life of the University, innovation in teaching, excellence in research, and engagement with diverse traditions and cultures.

We welcome you to the Division and hope that your time at university is rewarding and fosters within you a passion for lifelong learning.

Areas of study and research

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