De Lissa Association Collection

The de Lissa Association of Early Childhood Graduates (previously known as the Kindergarten Club) was established in 1911 and actively supported Early Childhood Education in a number of ways, including advocacy for early childhood, a student prize for original research, the Betty Davis Research Grant, funding for early childhood education ventures and the lending of pianos to contribute to music programs in Kindergarten.

This collection was donated to the Library by the de Lissa Graduates Association upon its disassociation in 2011. It includes items relating to educational pioneer Lillian de Lissa, the history of the Kindergarten Movement from its beginnings and the development of early childhood education in South Australia. Items relating to Gypsy Hill Training College also form part of the collection. Contents include papers, letters, photographs, slides, newspaper clippings, books, items produced by students studying early childhood education and items used in kindergartens.

Items relating to the collection but not part of the original donation have been added to the collection, including items related to Betty Davis, a former student and later principal of the Kindergarten Training College.

Information on the contents of the Collection can be found in the UniSA Archival Collections, and digital copies of selected items can be viewed. For further information or access to the Collection, please email the Library Archivist.

Some collection items are available for borrowing by UniSA staff for teaching and research purposes. Please contact the Library Archivist for access to the collection or further information.

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