Bike storage and showers at Magill

Keep your bike safe on campus. Bike racks are available across the campus and can be used with personal bike locking devices (we recommend the use D lock to secure your bike).  Secured bicycle storage is also available for staff and students, and it's easy to find a shower around the campus for you to freshen up once you arrive. 

Should you have any minor maintenance issues with your bike, we have a bike repair station available to assist you.

Shower locations

A Building

  • Level 1; 21A (Male)
  • Level 1; 22B (Female)

E Building

  • Level 1; Room 09 (Male)
  • Level 1; Room 10 (Female)
  • Level 1; Room 28B (Male)

Bike repair station location

CB Building (external)

  • Adjacent M7 carpark

Bike storage

Magill campus map

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