Transforming teaching and learning

Active teaching

The design of the new Learning Centre reflects the need to shift our facilities from repositories of books, journals and whiteboards, to flexible configurations of space which encourage students and staff to engage with knowledge and each other.

On a typical floor the teaching, learning and support spaces are integrated with ICT resources and Library collections. 

The emphasis of the learning spaces on active, collaborative, peer and social learning, reflects a shift from the traditional lecture, tutorial style class rooms to spaces that are active or reflective in their design and function to suit a variety of learning styles. The emphasis of the design is to create areas where students can share, broaden and thereby deepen their knowledge and engagement with the University and each other.

Active and reflective learning

Active learning space will be located immediately adjacent to active teaching space in the South Wing, enabling students to extend learning activities beyond the classroom. A range of seating styles will support predominantly group work in booths or on tables, with some space for individual reflection.

The North Wing provides a combination of active and reflective learning environments, again with a range of seating styles designed to support this shift. Soft seating will complement individual study benches along the perimeter. The placement of collections, project and syndicate rooms will provide physical separation between these environments with differing acoustic needs, while the spaces are designed to be highly absorptive of sound.

The West Wing, being the least open part of the building, will naturally accommodate more reflective study spaces and a 'learning street' will anchor the building as it gradually shifts from active to reflective learning.

Research space

Honours and postgraduate students will have dedicated facilities on levels three and six respectively, providing bookable workspace, project rooms and meeting spaces including a lounge to enable work away from home-base and facilitate engagement with peers, academic staff and industry collaborators.

Areas of study and research

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