Integrating student services

The Learning Centre will provide integrated access to a number of student services.

There will be one main point of contact for all services, strategically located on the second level.

Welcome points

Welcome points will be located at key areas. Reception staff together with electronic queue management will provide an open, equitable and efficient, yet still personal, service. 

Nearby activities will ensble students to hop on an express PC nearby, get a coffee downstairs or in the student kitchen, or play in the tech hub designed to test new and emerging technologies.

Student services hub

Student services hubs, primarily for learning and language advice and assistance, will be located near the more informal and active study zones on Level 2. This visible location is connected to the high demand library resources, special collections and reading area. These facilities enjoy access to balconies, connecting them to the plaza below for more informal interactions between staff and students.

Learning streets

A 'learning street' on each floor serves as a spine to support and anchor teaching and learning spaces. Opportunities exist for service stations to be set up to meet particular demands throughout the ebb and flow of academic year. The spines also support self-service points such as print and copy stations, express PCs, Library catalogues, computer barns, project booths, project rooms, and student kitchen and dining facilities.

Areas of study and research

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