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Have a question? Review these FAQ’s. If your question is still not answered contact the relevant service.

What services have moved and when?

On 28 April, the following City West services moved to the Jeffrey Smart Building :

  • Library Services – previously in the Catherine Helen Spence building
  • Campus Central – previously in the Yungondi building
  • Learning and Teaching Unit – previously in the Yungondi building
  • FM Assist  - previously in the Yungondi building
  • Accommodation services - previously in the Yungondi building. 

How is the collection organised in the new building?

The main collection will be spread over four floors arranged by disciplines:

  • Level 3: Business & Economics
  • Level 4: Sciences & Humanities
  • Level 5: Arts
  • Level 6: Law

There will be Compactus on Levels 3-5 which will house low use books and all journals. Law journals and some Law reports and legislation will be housed in the Compactus on Level 3. The Catalogue will indicate where these items are located for ease of access.

How do I borrow a book in the Jeffrey Smart Building? Has the process changed?

You can borrow books from the Jeffrey Smart Building – just like on any other campus. Use your current Student ID card, Staff ID card or Library Borrowing card. If you do not have one of these cards, please Ask the Library.

Please contact Campus Central if your card is lost or stolen.

Can only City West students access the building?

We do encourage all students to utilise this new learning centre, which combines resources and technology into one open and interactive space. Services on Mawson Lakes, Magill, City East, Whyalla and Mt Gambier services will continue to operate also.

How do I print in the Jeffrey Smart Building?

The same way as libraries on other UniSA campuses - Print/Tap/Collect using your ID card. If your ID card is not working Campus Central can help.

For more information visit the Printing, Scanning and Photocopying webpage.

How do I connect to the wireless network?

If you are connected to the wireless network on a UniSA campus, you should automatically connect to the wireless network in the Jeffrey Smart Building. If you don’t automatically connect please:

  1. Enable wireless on your device (if required).
  2. Open your Wireless Manager, and select UniSA from the list of available networks
  3. Select the Connect button.
  4. Enter your UniSA credentials (username and password), then select the OK button.
  5. If a 'Certificate Not Verified' message is displayed, select the Accept or Connect button.

If you need additional help please visit the Further Assistance Connecting to Wireless webpage.

Where do I go to ask questions about my timetable?

You can view your timetable via the Student Portal. If you have questions about your timetable then contact Campus Central, located on the second floor.

How do I update my ID card?

To update your ID card, visit Campus Central located on the second floor.

How do I find out about student accommodation, talk to the student ombud, pay an invoice or book a counselling appointment?

Go to the second floor reception area, select the service you want to enquire about on the ticket machine, take a ticket and wait for your number to be called.

Are there other places to study on campus?


A great place to study is upstairs at West Bar. You can grab a table and fuel up with some great student food and drink specials. Alternatively you may want to try The Caf, Aroma cafe or the Yungondi Atrium.

There is also a 24 hour student collaborative learning suite in BH3-19. This room includes group tables for collaborative work and a small lounge area.

The University also has 24 computer pools at City West that are avaialble to use when the Jeffrey Smart Building is closed. These are located at:


  • BH3-17
  • BH3-19
  • GK3-30
  • GK3-19
  • GK3-21
  • GK3-24
  • RR4-16


Where do I go to ask questions about Library services?

Please contact the Library, located on the second floor of the Jeffrey Smart Building.

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