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This cutting-edge facility provides integrated learning spaces, library resources and support services.

Support and Learning Services

  • Library services: where you turn when searching for information, a book, an electronic journal, other sources or room to discuss group work. For more information visit the Library webpage.
  • Campus Central: get help with a wide range of administrative services including enrolment support, program and course advice, ID cards, payments and graduations. For more information visit the Campus Central webpage.
  • Learning Services: this is where to go for Learning and Teaching Unit services including careers (CareerShop) and employment advice, language and learning advice, counselling and disability advice and services for International students.  For more information visit the Learning and Teaching Unit webpage.
  • FM Assist: visit FM Assist when needing keys, security support and escort, ID card access, facility hire and more. For more information visit the FM assist webpage.
  • ISTS Help: A dedicated ISTS team will be based in the Jeffrey Smart Building. This team will help you make the most of the building’s technology, including accessing the wireless network, its systems, email and more. For more information visit the ISTS webpage.
  • Student Ombud: The Student Ombud provides a free and confidential service for students ranging from advice on how situations should be handled to formal investigations of complaints. For more information visit the Student Ombud webpage.
  • Accommodation Services: visit accommodation services to discover a range of student housing options for different requirements and budgets. For more information visit the Student Accommodation webpage.

Room bookings

Looking for a place to discuss a group assignment, host a meeting or run an event? Book a room via either the Library website, digital way finding screens in the Jeffrey Smart Building  or FM Assist. For more information on the rooms available visit the Room Booking webpage.

Social spaces and cafe

With a café, over 600 computers, 9 microwaves, 10 sandwich presses, 2273 chairs, 25 bike racks (internal and external) and an outdoor movie screen, the Jeffrey Smart Building will provide students and staff with a memorable social experience.

Through a vibrant social hub and outdoor sitting areas, this building will provide the space, flexibility and technology for students to learn through interacting with peers and teachers. 


The Tech Zone provides students and staff access to test drive new and innovative technology. With the latest and greatest technology at your disposal, this truly is your technology sandpit. Items such as new game consoles will open your mind to the technology of the future. 

This building also has Collaborative Teaching spaces with tables of fold-down computers, which allows lecturers and tutors to tap into students' work form their computers and instantly display it on big screens for the whole class to see, collaborate and discuss.

Areas of study and research

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