GOBO wall lighting system

A specialised lighting system for projection of images on special screens on walls is installed at City East campus. This facility is currently available to project on the Basil Hetzel building and consists of two pieces of equipment:

  • Studio Due 2500W City Colour which is a 2500W light source with three PC controlled dichroic glass plates.
  • Clay Packy VIP 1200 is specifically designed for long distance projection of stationary and moving images, writings, logos, etc. It can project on to walls from over 50 metres away. It is also PC controlled and can scroll through four different images plus overlays of 8 colours.

A central computer desk drives pre-programmed information through to the lights during operation. The lighting system uses GOBOS, thin metal plates which act like a slide to project an image on the screen.

To book or more information please contact FM Assist at City East.

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