Space Policy for the Earth’s Benefit

19 January 2017


MC1-02 Lecture Theatre, Mawson Centre, Mawson Lakes
University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Campus

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Space exploration drives the imagination of people young and old, but it is also an important tool for promoting international cooperation, economic development and world peace. Our panel of international experts will provide a unique insight into recent efforts to harness the benefits of space technology to deliver tangible benefits to people on earth. The audience will learn more about governmental space policy initiatives and directions that are aimed at advancing these goals, often  in cooperation with the private sector, in Australia and internationally.

The panel will be moderated by Mr Michael Davis, Chair of the Space Industry Association of Australia. Panelists: Ms Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO of LaunchBox and Fleet Space Technologies; Prof Ray Williamson, international space policy expert and former USA Congress advisor on space; Dr Michael Simpson, Executive Director of Secure World Foundation; Mr Nicola Sasanelli, Director for R&D - International Collaborations for Defence SA.

Venue: MC1-02 Lecture Theatre, Mawson Centre, Mawson Lakes

Time: 6.00 pm

This event is a key feature in the International Space University  and UniSA's  Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program. Find out more

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