Do our kids have all the tools?

28 April 2017


P7-27 Playford Building
City East Campus

Dr Natasha Schranz is the Active Healthy Kids Australia (AHKA) Co-Chair and Research Fellow from The University of South Australia and the lead investigator behind the AHKA Report Cards.

When the results of the Report Card were release in May, 2014, it was the lead story on every major TV station, newspaper and radio station. “Aussie kids graded a D- in first ever Physical Activity Report Card”. This news gave the Nation a wake-up call and shattered the image of fit young Aussie kids running around playing in big grassy back yards, riding their bikes to school each day and topping the charts in all the sporting challenges. Dr Schranz is passionate about the work she does for AHKA and feels it's important to highlight the facts and stats about Aussie kids doing less physical activity than they ever have before. She says “The results from the AHKA Physical Activity Report Cards can, and should start a national conversation about how physical activity can become the norm, not the exception”.

Dr Schranz, through her work with Active Healthy Kids Australia, is committed to advocating for a united focus on increasing the overall physical activity levels of Aussie kids. By engaging with industry, government, community and education sectors, we drive conversations and actions which empower children to shape their own physical activity evolution

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