Australian Speedrunning Marathon 2017

19 July - 20 July 2017


TV Studio C2-11, UniSA Magill Campus

UniSA is sponsoring the 2017 Australian Speedrunning Marathon (ASM), a continuous 35 hour live stream of classic games to raise money for Beyond Blue. Last year ASM raised over $3,000 over the course of the event and hope to meet or exceed the target this year. The event will feature 24 live Speedruns with runners from all over Australia.

The marathon will begin at 10:00am, Wednesday 19th July and conclude at 9:00pm Thursday, 20th July 2017. You can watch the stream live here.

The event will take place at the UniSA Magill Campus TV Studio (C2-11), which will be open from 10:00am to 5:00pm daily during the event.

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