Our teachers, top of the class

Story by Emma Primett, September 2012.

Marketing students at The University of South Australia benefit from the care and effort that our teachers bring to the classroom and recently some have been specially acknowledged for their efforts that go above and beyond for their students.

It’s the work of committed teaching staff from the School of Marketing like Dr Carl Driesener, Dr Svetlana Bogomolova and Dr Karen Nelson-Field that enable our marketing graduates to walk away with more than just a degree.

Recently recognised for their outstanding contribution to teaching in this years Supported Teacher Awards - Carl, Svetlana and Karen stand testament to the high calibre of teaching staff that make up the School of Marketing. A ‘Celebration of Teaching’ Luncheon, held later in the year, will acknowledge these three outstanding teachers, along with 57 other teachers from around the university.

As leaders in their chosen fields, Carl, Svetlana and Karen bring their industry experience to the table while encouraging students in their pursuit of academic success.

“A university education should be a healthy balance between a career focus and a long term commitment to learning, just as I continue to learn from my students,” says Carl.

“Conscious of the role I play in students’ lives at such a pivotal time between finishing their degree and entering the workforce - I offer them support, respect and mentorship which helped me become the teacher I am today,” Karen explains. 

Graduates from The University of South Australia benefit from our knowledgeable and multi-disciplinary teachers, many of who are involved in their own career pursuits. Last year Svetlana was awarded the Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC) 2011 Emerging Researcher of the Year, recognising her professional contributions towards marketing research.

“I teach from my own academic and industry experiences, exposing my students to leading edge market research. My philosophy of teaching is centred on addressing students’ needs in improving their career prospects. Everything I do for my students reflects this aim,” says Svetlana.

The School of Marketing congratulates all the recipients of the Supported Teacher Awards; a much deserved acknowledgment for the continuing efforts of our teachers.

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