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WokinaboxJune 2010

Assignments from high achieving UniSA marketing students will influence the advertising strategy of Australian brand wokinabox.

Wokinabox teamed up with UniSA's School of Marketing to develop a unique assignment asking advertising students to develop a campaign plan to promote wokinabox as a healthier takeaway alternative.

At the end of the project the top six assignments were presented to wokinabox National Marketing Manager, Matt Emmerson.

Emmerson, who visited UniSA earlier in the year to brief students on the project background, is a big supporter of practical based learning opportunities for students.

"It's really important for students to be able to apply what they are learning to real brands, businesses and market situations. Not only for their own development but also for their future employer."

The assignment was a compulsory component of the undergraduate marketing subject of Advertising.

Dr Karen Nelson-Field, Advertising Course Coordinator, implemented the assignment to motivate students to think about what they were learning as something beyond text-book theory and hypothetical case studies.

"The aim was to extend their knowledge outside the classroom - wokinabox briefed them on a real marketing challenge, and the students were equipped with the expertise to advise them," said Nelson-Field.

"These six students proved they were more than up to the task, their assignments had that something extra that organisations look for when selecting research providers and consultants."

Emmerson was thrilled with the high quality of the assignments.

"We benefited with some very interesting perspectives and ideas from budding marketers," he said.

Matthew Collis, one of the high achievers whose recommendations were presented to wokinabox, recognises that practical-based assignments are useful beyond the final grade.

"It's gone from just another assignment to something that I can add to my CV," said Collis. "Employers these days are looking for more than a degree, or good grades, practical opportunities like this are evidence that I can apply what I have learnt to the real world."

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