Marketing star in the making

by Emma Primett, May 2013

The Ehrenberg Scholarship Recipient 2013

First year in and Eliza Inglis is already making waves, having been awarded the prestigious Ehrenberg Scholarship.

It was her interest in brands that led Eliza to apply for the Ehrenberg Scholarship earlier this year. A new student enrolled in the Bachelor of Management (Marketing) degree, Eliza is keen to experience all that UniSA has to offer. Eager to begin her studies, she explains that marketing has been on the cards for some time.

‘I have wanted to study marketing for a couple of years now, after realising my interest in packaging and branding. I had no idea that this passion would help me win the Ehrenberg Scholarship,’ Eliza explains.

Completing her schooling at Pembroke, Eliza graduated in 2012 with an outstanding ATAR score of 99.0. Having impressed the interview panel at her Scholarship interview, Eliza proved herself to be a deserving candidate for the scholarship.

‘I think that my year 12 project in market research surprised and intrigued my interviewers, making me stand out from the other students,’ reveals Eliza. 

Her excellent performance at the scholarship interview also makes Eliza eligible to apply for a Research Assistant position with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. This could be an important first step towards her career. Although unsure of her career direction, Eliza already has high aspirations for the future.

‘I’m still not sure what area of marketing I’d like to end up in, but I know that hands-on experience is an important first step to figuring it out,’ says Eliza.

Always intrigued by the power of a brand, Eliza admits that she has always loved 'brand-named things'. Now she would like to explore the theory behind the name.

‘I’d like to discover how marketers build a valuable brand and what effect marketing has on consumers,’ explains Eliza.

Looking to take her career abroad, this budding marketer also sees travel opportunities in the near future. The Global Experience Program offers students the opportunity to take their studies abroad and add an extra dimension to their time at Uni.

‘While studying, I would love to go on an exchange overseas. I’d like to see more of the world and expand my network,’ explains Eliza.

Marketing is an industry practiced worldwide, offering a broad range of career opportunities. This unique field can combine business, art and behavioural theory to prove that in marketing, the sky is the limit.

The Ehrenberg Scholarship is awarded annually to a high achieving student enrolled in a Marketing degree at UniSA. As part of this scholarship, the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute provides the recipient a year of paid fees. Eliza, along with other award winners from the School of Marketing, was acknowledged this year at an awards ceremony held in April.

To find out more about The Ehrenberg Scholarship, visit the Scholarships, Prizes & Awards page.

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