Marketing graduate helps new product hit supermarket shelves

Laura WaterhouseApril 2010

Marketing graduate Laura Waterhouse found the knowledge and skills she gained during her UniSA marketing degree invaluable when it came to getting an exciting new product on the shelves of major supermarkets around Australia.

After just one year working as Marketing Assistant for South Australian cheese-makers, La Casa Del Formaggio, Laura has already launched an award-winning new product - Grande Bocconcini.

The new product, an extension of La Casa's fresh milk cheese range, has been hugely successful in-store and was even awarded the 2009 Food Magazine Challenge Award for the dairy category.

"Sales in retailers like Coles and Woolworths are going really well without cannibalising sales from our other diary products," Laura says.

"Because we're a market leader we need to be innovative, new product development is a key focus for La Casa's long term strategy, to maintain and grow market share."

Laura completed her undergraduate marketing degree with UniSA's School of Marketing in 2005. 

She said that the skills and knowledge from her Bachelor of Management (Marketing) degree were invaluable for the project, which culminated in the new product hitting the shelves of ColesWoolworths and other independent supermarkets.

"I've been involved in the whole process, from idea conception to packaging and pricing, logistics of getting it on-shelf in retailers and organising in-store demonstrations," she said.  

"My marketing degree gave me a good understanding of business, distribution and product pricing which really helped on this project.  It was very exciting to finally see it on the shelves.

"We're now looking at re-branding all of our products which is a huge project. The challenge is to make our new branding fresh and up-to-date while ensuring our products remain recognisable.

"It's been a different world since I left uni, but I've really enjoyed having the opportunity to apply what I learned and I'm excited about continuing to expand my knowledge in the future."

Laura Waterhouse completed the Bachelor of Management (Marketing)  degree with the School of Marketing in 2005.

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