Educational escape in South Korea

Jackson Haensch on exchange in South KoreaOctober 2009

International student exchange is strongly encouraged at UniSA's School of Marketing. Not only does it broaden students' perspectives towards the global community but, as third-year marketing student Jackson Jaensch explains, it is also a lot of fun.

"I took part in a three-week cultural exchange program to the Pukyong National University in Busan, South Korea over the winter university break.

"The program helped me to gain amazing knowledge and appreciation of a country and culture I had known very little about before.

"The highlight of the trip was most certainly getting to know the Korean people. They are a nationality that has managed to find the perfect balance between politeness and warm, genuine friendliness, as well as being incredibly generous with their time.

"I have come back with a definite desire to put some of those attitudes into practice here in Australia.

"The program consisted of special lectures on themes such as Korean architecture and economy, as well as Korean language classes. Group work included discussion classes on current social issues, as well as a group presentation. Both revealed fascinating cultural contrasts. Hands on experiences such as Taekwondo and the traditional Dado tea ceremony, as well as cultural excursions such as to the historic province of Gyeonju brought to life what we had learnt in class.

"Whether or not I one day return to Busan (I am hoping to!), I know that the experience has prepared me well for future career opportunities, which I expect will increasingly call for intercultural understanding and experience."

Jackson Jaensch completed the Bachelor of Management (Marketing) / Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) double degree with the School of Marketing in 2009.

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