Essay format instructions

Your file may contain traditional English or Greek characters. It should NOT contain any other language characters.

Essays of winners may be subsequently published articles. Do NOT submit anything to the International PhD competition which is already subject to copyright and which we would be thus violating copyright restrictions. Authors assume full responsibility for what is submitted.

Font and Margins
Set the following margins for all side (top, bottom, left and right) at 2.54 cm (1").
All paragraphs should begin flush left (no paragraph indent). If possible, justify the margins. Double-space the body of the paper. Double-space between paragraphs (by using the enter key), and before and after headings.
We strongly recommend that you use 12pt Times Roman font for your essay. Technical software programs that print mathematical formulas in italic type, with subscripts and superscripts in a slightly smaller font size, are acceptable. Use boldface type for the title of your paper and all first and second level headings.

Page Numbers
If possible, each page of your document must be numbered in the bottom centre as: "- # -".

Paper Title
The title of your paper should be in bold type, all caps, single-spaced, and centred across the top of the first page.

You may include up to five keywords.

All headings should be in bold type. First-level headings should be centred and set in all caps. Second-level subheadings should be set flush left with initial caps. Please do not use headings other than these two types. At least one line space should separate headings from the preceding text.

Figures and Tables
Figures and Tables should be placed as close as possible to where they are cited. First-level headings state the table or figure number and may be followed by second-level subheadings. All figures and tables are to be done in a professional manner.

References to other publications must be in Harvard style and carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency

Areas of study and research

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