Professor Lacey appointed as a foundation board member of the Maggie Beer Foundation

May 5 2014

Professor Wendy Lacey, Dean and Head of School, School of Law, has been appointed as a foundation board member of the newly launched Maggie Beer Foundation. Professor Lacey will provide valuable expertise to the Foundation through her research on ageing and the rights of older persons and the prevention of elder abuse. ‘I am honoured to have been invited to join the Board and to work with such a strong team of Board members, including Maggie Beer, an iconic South Australian. The Foundation’s work will make a significant contribution towards promoting the right of all to healthy and nutritious food in aged care’, commented Professor Lacey.

The Foundation was launched at Tasting Australia on Tuesday 29 April and will aim to improve the quality of food in aged care homes. The Foundation will begin by finding the great advocates and champions of aged care, and using their skills and knowledge to improve the well-being of the elderly. The Foundation will focus on ensuring a ‘good food for life for all’, specifically improving the right to nutritious, nourishing and tasty food in aged care.

The research conducted by the Foundation will produce practical, real-world guides, principles and procedures for aged-care facilities, and will start with Abbeyfield Nursing Home at Williamstown, Mount Pleasant Aged Care Home, and Ridgehaven Residential Care Centre.

For further information visit the Maggie Beer Foundation website.

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