Eugenia Lim, The People’s Currency


Eugenia Lim: The Ambassador

Thursday 28 February — Friday 5 April 2019

This touring project — initiated by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and Museums & Galleries of NSW — presents Lim’s most recent body of work, The Ambassador series. In this three-part project, Lim takes on a Mao-like persona who sits halfway between truth and fantasy, dressed in a gold lamé suit. Throughout each of her works, Lim’s ‘ambassador’ takes on new roles in uncovering the Australian-Asian narrative, drilling down into racial politics, the social costs of manufacturing, and the role of architecture in shaping society.

In The People’s Currency performance that forms a crucial part of her exhibition, Lim will invite the public to enter into ‘short-term employment’ as shift workers in a special economic zone, with visitors participating in and evaluating the impacts of global capitalism, labour markets and what it means to be a global consumer.

Take up your shift and contribute to The People’s Currency on Saturday 2 March, 10am — 2pm.


A 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and Museums & Galleries of NSW touring exhibition. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Visions of Australia program. Presented by the Samstag Museum of Art for the Adelaide//International.