The public are welcome to attend exhibitions at the SASA Gallery, located in Adelaide, South Australia. 




Transfiguring the terrain: variation through serial iteration

As a printmaker, Andrea Przygonski has a particular interest in extending contemporary print practice beyond its traditional material and spatial syntax. Her research examines cross-media serial iteration as a creative strategy in the context of her experiences while living in Chicago USA during 2012-2013.




  • Border Crossings
  • The Unstable Image
  • AAD Postgraduate Season 1:
  • line is time... Angela Dawes
  • Traces: from architectural experiences to jewels. Sabine Pagan
  • Accident and Process. Derek Kreckler
  • Art, Architecture & Design Expo
  • AAD Postgraduate Season 2:
  • Naomi Hunter
  • Ambiguity Makes Sense, Jasmine Symons
  • Recent Matters
  • Art, Architecture & Design (Honours) Exhibition 2016


Border Crossings 

Artists: Michelle Browne, Julie Gough, Sandra Johnston,
Sue Kneebone, Yhonnie Scarce & Dominic Thorpe

Curators: Mary Knights & Michelle Browne

Assistant Curator: Ursula Halpin

Exhibition launch:
6pm Wednesday 2 March 2016

Monday 1 - Friday 19 February 2016

SASA Gallery exhibition open:
Monday 22 February - Friday 18 March 2016

Galway Art Centre (Ireland) exhibition open:
July 2016

Presented by the SASA Gallery & Hawke European Union Centre this exhibition will bring together curators and contemporary artists from Ireland and Australia to investigate cross-cultural issues surrounding ethnic conflict, the legacy of colonialism and the challenges of reconciliation that are relevant to both countries.

Partners: Hawke European Union Centre, Trinity Long Room Hub, Dublin, Culture Ireland, Helpmann Academy British Council, Arts SA, Warlukurlangu Artists & Galway Arts Centre.

Part of the Adelaide Festival of the Arts Vernissage Program and the Adelaide Fringe Festival.



The Unstable Image

Artists: Aleksandra Antic, Paul Coldwell, Marion Crawford,
Joel Gailer, Performprint & Olga Sankey

Curators: Aleksandra Antic & Olga Sankey

Exhibition launch:
6pm Wednesday 30 March 2016

Exhibition open:
Tuesday 29 March - Friday 22 April 2016

The artists in this exhibition employ strategies of repetition, subversion or transparency to challenge the traditional role and/or the inherent qualities of printmaking. The work in this exhibition will seek to extend and question the notion of the resilience of the image in the present context.

Partners: Arts SA, Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of London, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) & Monash University.


AAD Postgraduate season 1 

The postgraduate season is a series of examination exhibitions.

line is time is change
is line is moment is

Artist: Angela Dawes

Exhibition launch:
Wednesday 4 May 2016

Exhibition open:
Monday 2 - Friday 27 May 2016

An investigation of continuous change by drawing time from the natural world of a lotus pond.
Time and line as found in documentary photographs become moment and flow.



TRACES: from architectural experiences to jewels

This exhibition presents an interdisciplinary approach to practice. It reveals how the permeability of boundaries between architecture, landscape and contemporary jewellery has provided a new milieu through which the artist has expanded her own practice.

Sabine Pagan

Exhibition launch:
Wednesday 8 June 2016

Exhibition open:           
Monday 6 - Friday 24 June 2016


Accident and Process

Artist: Derek Kreckler

Curator: Hannah Mathews

Exhibition launch:
6pm Friday 15 July 2016

Exhibition open: 
Friday 15 July - Tuesday 9 August 2016

Derek Kreckler is one of Australia's most rigorous post-minimal and post-conceptual artists. Since 1978 he has investigated performance, video, sound and photography using conceptual and aesthetic strategies. Kreckler often draws from his artistic forebearers such as Joseph Kosuth, Vito Acconci and Sol Le Witt to address his ongoing interest in the politics of the environment and identity.

Accident and process is a comprehensive exhibition of Kreckler's work to date, bringing together the artist's early conceptual and performative practice of the 1970's through to his more recent focus on still and moving imagery.

Partners: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) & Visions Australia.



AAD Expo

Design & Construction
Industrial Design
Interior Architecture
Sustainable Design
Visual Art
Visual Communication Design

Exhibition open:
Sunday 14 - Thursday 18 August 2016

 Art, Architecture & Design Expo - UniSA Open Day 


AAD Postgraduate season 2 

The postgraduate season is a series of examination exhibitions.

The distance within: Investigating an experience of embodiment through glass making.

Artist: Naomi Hunter

Exhibition launch:
5pm Thursday 15 September 2016

Exhibition open:
Monday 12 - Friday 30 September 2016 


Ambiguity Makes Sense

In this body of work, painting and mothering correspond to negotiate a kind of feeling-knowing, and make sense of what might be described as a beautiful pain.

Artist: Jasmine Symons

Exhibition launch:
5pm Thursday 10 November 2016

Exhibition open:
Monday 7 - Friday 25 November 2016 








Louise Haselton & Christian Lock

Alex Degaris-Boot
Zoe Kirkwood
Ben Leslie
Julia McInerney
Min Wong
Dion Wright

5-7pm Thursday 13 October 2016

Monday 10 – Friday 28 October 2016

Art, Architecture & Design (Honours) Exhibition 2016

Art, Architecture & Design (Honours) Graduates

Exhibition launch:
Wednesday 7 December 2016

Exhibition open: 
Tuesday 6 - Thursday 15 December 2016

This is one of cluster of exhibitions that celebrates the work of students graduating in 2016 with degrees from Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia.




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