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Desmond Tan with Christine GarnautStudents and staff of the University of South Australia, particularly the School of Art, Architecture and Design, use the Architecture Museum collections as a research and teaching resource.


Funding opportunities

Desmond Tan Scholarship in Architectural History

The Desmond Tan Scholarship in Architectural History is open to a student enrolled in the Master of Architecture Program in the courses Architectural Research 1 and 2. The scholarship supports research into a topic in architectural history focusing on the collections of the Architecture Museum, School of Art, Architecture and Design, as the primary resource. The scholarship is valued at $1000. Applicants will be required to select a topic from a list provided by the Architecture Museum staff. More about the scholarship (The Graduate)

2012 Scholarship holder

Thomas Hamper

2011 Scholarship holder

Jet O’Rourke

2010 scholarship holder

Ella Camporeale

2009 scholarship holder

Sean McEntee

2008 scholarship holder

Aldo DiSanto (inaugural scholarship holder)

Built Heritage Research Fellowship


Undergraduate research projects

Honours projects

The Architecture Museum collection offers diverse  resources for Honours projects. Students may formulate projects based primarily on Museum resources or use items in the Museum's collection and/or its library to support their research.

Past Honours projects

Examples of student projects

  • Ella Camporeale (2010) Cultural effects on 1960's home interiors
  • Emily Stevens (2009) Affordable housing from past and present perspectives
  • Aldo di Santo (2008) The changing face of worship: post Vatican II Catholic Church architecture in South Australia 1965-1979
  • Carly Gowers (2006) Speculative Dreams: post-war modern living and home ownership in metropolitan Adelaide a contribution by one private developer towards housing provision
  • Kevin OSullivan (2003) Dinosaur or delight? Late modern architectural heritage and the South Australian School of Art Building (1963) Stanley Street, North Adelaide
  • Christine Mifsud (2003) Reading: Hindley Street as text
  • Darren Blaess (2002) The Morialta House 1950: a natural approach an unselfconscious architecture
  • Justin Carter (2001) Architecture, disjunction and the work of Harold Thomas Griggs: a result of influence


Postgraduate research projects

Masters and PhD projects

The Architecture Museum offers a diverse and rich array of sources for postgraduate projects in fields including:

  •  architecture
  • planning
  • built environment history and theory
  • visual art and design
  • graphic design
  • social history
  • gender studies.

The Museum's catalogue of finding aids demonstrates the type and range of resources available. You can make enquiries about postgraduate study to the Museum's Director Dr Christine Garnaut (email or phone +618 8302 0204)

Past PhD and Masters projects

Russell S. Ellis and Russell and Yelland, Air Raid Precautions  Adelaide Oval, 1940Dr Susan Collins (PhD in Architecture 2008)

Thesis title: 'Traces that remain: the contextual significance of historical architectural drawings'

This thesis is concerned with the architectural drawing as a contextual record. Contrary to the popular conception and study of architectural drawings as primarily expressions of architects' ideas, this research establishes how the architectural drawing is the product of the context in which it was made. Through the interpretation of significant, but often overlooked, architectural drawing types the thematic development of the drawing from the early to mid 20th century is traced. This thesis draws on the collection of historical architectural drawings held by the Architecture Museum, School of Art,  Harold T. Griggs, Plan of Proposed Air Raid Shelter for the Ramsgate Hotel, Henley Beach, January 1942Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. Through the study of drawings from both architectural education and architectural practice, from a common contextual period, the differing effect of the context can be interpreted. Some drawings were influenced by cultural concerns, others by social and technical forces, such as the drawings produced during World War 2 (as illustrated), but all of the drawings firmly illustrate a wider concept of architecture - one which is not only about architectural intentions.

Findings from the research are published as:
Collins, S. (2004) Atelier Adelaide: Architectural Student Drawings from the early 1930s, in LIMITS: Proceedings from the 21st Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand, Melbourne, 105-110

Image (top): Russell S. Ellis and Russell and Yelland, Air Raid Precautions Adelaide Oval, 1940, LLSAM S98/7/1 

Image (bottom): Harold T. Griggs, Plan of Proposed Air Raid Shelter for the Ramsgate Hotel, Henley Beach, January 1942, LLSAM S167/856/1

Areas of study and research

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