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"Very worthwhile program - systematically working through the Lean model and what is required organisation wide to ensure success" - Karen Brown, Assistant Director, Organisational Performance and Development, Primary Industries and Regions SA.

The Lean Thinking and Lean Management philosophy

Welcome to UniSA's Strategic Partnerships Lean Program site where we provide you with the key training, skills and knowledge to become a truly lean enterprise.

Our aim is to be a continual source of advanced Lean Thinking training, research and application across all sectors of the economy in Australia, through seminars, workshops, conferences, networking, publications, certificate courses and formal University of South Australia courses.

The application of Lean Thinking and Lean Management aligns and integrates long term business improvement strategies with day to day continuous improvement targets, ensuring that enterprises remain customer focused, flexible and ready for the challenges ahead.

The Lean philosophy involves operating the most efficient and most effective enterprise possible, with lowest costs and minimal waste. Lean advocates the enterprise make smart use of resources, technology, equipment and the skills and knowledge of employees, suppliers and customers.

Lean Thinking requires us to manage and develop a competent enterprise, that has capable people engaging in excellent processes and continuously improving the strategic position of their organisation.

The Lean Management practices and breadth of Lean Tools embrace the notion that the future enterprise will be capable of meeting and even exceeding consumer needs and demands in an ever changing competitive environment. To meet the challenge the Tools of Lean Management (originally the Toyota Production System - TPS) are designed to continually challenge our traditional thinking and paradigms to one that focuses on the elimination of "Non Value Added" or wasteful work practices, systems and methods therefore improving business processes.

The University of South Australia's Strategic Partnerships unit provides a customised approach to each industry partner in the development and delivery of a standardised approach to process improvement.

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