Advanced Negotiation Skills

Advanced Negotiation Skills

We negotiate every day. We negotiate with potential employers, supervisors, staff, departmental colleagues, service providers, parents, spouses, and even our children. What price we want to pay; what salary we would like; which work assignment we want, how to divide up a team task to who will do the dishes and pick up the kids – are all examples of negotiations. Yet, although people negotiate all the time, most know very little about the strategy and psychology of effective negotiations. Why do we sometimes get our way whereas other times we walk away feeling frustrated by our inability to obtain the agreement we desire?

"I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to use negotiation techniques – from simple interactions to complicated business scenarios. This course really challenged my experience in negotiation by providing an alternative framework for the planning and the conduct of negotiations. The application of psychology proved really interesting and was particularly relevant in my field. The course content can be applied to both personal and business interactions."
                                                                                                                                                Natalie Mackintosh – ASC Pty Ltd

"The course provides excellent grounding in the science and the practice of negotiation. ….. I came away understanding that negotiation is interest based, planning for it systematically and creative solution to problems is the key to successful outcome."
                                                               Dr Yew Toh Wong, Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon, Flinders Medical Centre


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This program is essential for anyone who navigates business complexities on a daily basis. This includes managers at every level, as well people who work for government and not for profit agencies.

Monday 13 Mayto Wednesday 15 May 2019.

Course delivery will be at the UniSA Business School City West Campus. Adelaide.

Day 1: Key Strategies for Two-Part Negotiations

Single-Issue Two Party Negotiations

  • Identifying Objectives and Goals in Negotiations.
  • Traps to avoid – Winner’s curse and Settling for too little.
  • Strategies for making offers
  • How to deal with concessions in negotiations

Strategic Planning for Negotiations

Multi-Issue Two Party Negotiations

  • Understanding the Variety of Issues in Negotiations: Distributive, Integrative and Compatible Issues
  • How to make Package Deals and Trade in multi-issue offers?
  • How to make decisions on multi-issue negotiation in order to “Expand the value/pie on the table”? Identifying the Win- Win potential!
  • How to persuade and Influence others to while communicating and gathering information?
  • Framing of Issues and trade-offs

DAY 2: Fundamental Strategies for Multi-Party, Multi-Issue Negotiations

Advanced Multi-Issue, Multi-Party Negotiations

  • Dealing with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Coalition Building Strategies
  • Creating a Win-Win solution without giving up your share of the pie

Managing Power, Communication and Information in Negotiations

  • How to discuss issues
  • How to manage interpersonal and procedural complexity
  • Power: Where does power come in negotiations?

Managing Emotions in Negotiations

  • Emotional Expression - what works!
  • Emotional Intelligence: How to build it
  • Developing your own emotional thermometer

Day 3: Managing Difficult Conversation and Resolving Conflicts at Work

  • Managing Irrational and Emotional Negotiators
  • Negotiating Disputes and conflicts
  • Building Trust in Negotiations
  • Role of Power in Negotiations
  • Personal Negotiation Styles: Identifying the best strategies for yourself

For individuals

Day 1

  • How to Strategically Plan for Negotiations?
  • How to improve your influence and effectiveness in persuasion during negotiations?
  • Understanding and Rethinking your Negotiation Approach: How to move from a win-lose adversarial mindset to a collaborative yet practically beneficial Win-Win approach?

Day 2

  • Learning how to negotiate in a Group- Develop powerful strategies to gather and utilize data and information in face-to-face, multi-party, and multi-issue negotiations
  • The Art and Science of Managing communication dynamics in group – who should be at the table? What is the best way to gather support and cooperation?
  • Learning how to manage social networks and coalitions to develop power in negotiations
  • Managing emotions of self and others to enhance negotiation outcomes?

Day 3

  • Learn how to handle difficult conversations in negotiations where emotions fly high and there is long term relationship at stake
  • Understand the sources of power in negotiation contexts and how best to use it for win-win situations
  • Identify negotiation strategies for handling emotional dispute negotiations which are typically different from buyer-seller negotiations
  • Recognise the role of trust building in negotiations
  • Develop the emotional intelligence required to manage difficult, emotionally tough negotiation situations
  • Expand your repertoire of Negotiation strategies and how it relates to conflict resolution
  • Learn how to prevent escalation of conflict in negotiations
  • Learn how to build trustworthiness for oneself and build trust in negotiating relationships

For organisations

  • Develop leaders and teams for better negotiation planning
  • Anticipating Negotiation Obstacles and Solutions for both current and future deal making
  • Develop more cooperation both within and between departments through the use of effective cooperation building negotiation strategies
  • Improve stakeholder management through constructive negotiations of power and influence
  • Stronger workplace relationships between employees; between client-service providers
  • Conflict resolution at work.

Advanced Negotiation + Managing Difficult Conversations – 3 day course
$2,175 The course is GST exempt.
Early Bird Discount $2,000 if booking by COB Friday 15 June.
UniSA Alumni $1,955
Group Fee (3 or more participants) $1,800 per participant

Advanced Negotiation 2 Day course
$1,450 The course is GST exempt.
Early Bird Discount $1,350 if booking by COB Friday 15 June.
UniSA Alumni $1,300
Group Fee (3 or more participants) $1,200 per participant


  • Study notes and materials
  • Tea, Coffee, Lunch and free Wi-Fi internet access.
  • Certificate of Completion

Cancelation Policy:

The University of South Australia reserves the right to cancel this program at any time and issue refunds. In the event that an attendee cannot attend, a substitute may attend in their place. No refunds will be issued unless 21 days notice is given in writing prior to the date of the planned program.

 Gary Edwards

Gary is a former lawyer and a trained mediator through LEADR and has over 15 years’ experience in teaching and consulting with clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors in South Australia and interstate. Today, Gary runs his own speaking, training and coaching business, helping business leaders and professionals be more influential in the situations they face every day.

Gary is passionate about helping people to effectively communicate for successful negotiation outcomes. He has developed competency standards for police hostage negotiators and worked on numerous conflict resolution projects for SA Police.  As a lecturer he taught emerging lawyers the skills of negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution and advocacy.

Gary’s training style is collaborative and practical, he provides the tools and strategies that enable participants to apply them immediately back in their workplace.  He focuses on building knowledge and capability by providing immersive learning experiences, through ‘learn-by-doing’ practical exercises. 

In his spare time, Gary likes to practise magic!

You will learn-by-doing. To explore your strengths and shortcomings as a negotiator. Each day of the workshop will include 1-2 experiential negotiation role-plays, where you can use your habitual negotiation skills and strategies in a low-risk environment and then receive concrete feedback and guidance on key principles and strategies to achieve win-win solutions. The workshop will provide both the scientific theory and principal behind the strategies as well as the practical steps in implementing the strategies during negotiations.

Our staff have both industry and academic backgrounds. This mix of experience assists us in understanding industry issues so that we can develop relevant programs to meet the strategic goals of your organisation now and in future. 

The facilitators emphasise:

  • Applied learning projects relevant to the organisation and participants, using real examples as an impetus for change within organisations.
  • The non-threatening academic environment assisting participants to undertake study, which benefits the organisation in regards to employee outcomes and the participants in relation to future career goals.
  • The selection of professional educators, who will deliver contemporary brand growth theory, integrated with practical application relevant to the industry context.

To find out more about our Advanced Negotiation Skills course, complete our online inquiry form or alternatively, please contact Sandra Walker on (08) 8302 0801.

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