Aleks DANKO, Songs of Australia Volume 3, At Home, 1999

Works of art from the Collection are available for display in key public areas of the University on approval by the Samstag Museum of Art Director and subject to the borrower's agreement to the conditions specified in the University of South Australia Art Collection Loan Agreement Forms. 

Historically, certain works have been associated with a particular campus, school or organisational unit, and due consideration of the provenance of a work of art will be given. Collection loan requests must be made through the Samstag Museum of Art. The Samstag Museum of Art will endeavour to accommodate requests, however the Museum reserves the right to locate works in the Collection where deemed appropriate.

The Campus Manager or nominee will be responsible for monitoring works displayed on each Campus, and will report any changes or modifications to the location and environmental conditions to the Samstag Museum of Art.

Works of art on display must not be moved without prior approval from the Samstag Museum of Art.

The display of privately owned works of art and works of art belonging to organisational units which are not part of the University Collection will be the responsibility of the individual owner or unit.


Purchase of Works of Art

All works of art acquried for display on the University's campus should comply with the Art Collection Policy C-25.1 guidelines. Recommendations for the acquisition of artworks valued over $10,000 must also be ratified by the Vice Chancellor, prior to acquisition.

For Collection loans, purchases and further information about the display of UniSA Art Collection works of art on campus please contact Erica Green, the Samstag Museum of Art Director.