Water Medicine

19 April – 26 May 2001

Robert Baines, Ros Bandt, Clare Belfrage, Bronwyn Goss, Jacqui Gropp, Adrian Jones, Janie Matthews, Anne Neil, Susan Purdy, Sue Saxon and Liz Williamson

Water Medicine is an exhibition in which water has been either integral to the making of the artists' works, or has provided a thematic and conceptual frame. The physical, poetic, ritualistic, spiritual and symbolic attributes of water are imaginatively and skilfully pushed in many directions by the eleven participating artists, as they conjure something precious from the most common element.

The preciousness of water and the urgency of its conservation is of increasing visibility in our society. It is now a "commodity", a source of local, national and international tension, yet, at the same time there is something very plain and ordinary about formless, colourless water. Water cleanses, nourishes, corrodes, slakes, spills, and is the substance of our tears. Before history itself, humans fabricated vessels and methods to contain and control water. What we see reflected in water, timelessly, is an image of ourselves as mortal beings.

A John Curtin Gallery touring exhibition managed by Art on the Move. Curated by Kevin Murray. Catalogue essays by Dr Kevin Murray and Dr David Dolan.