The New Republics: Contemporary Art from Australia, Canada and South Africa

21 September – 28 October 2000

Rebecca and Kenny Baird, Richard Bell, Gordon Bennett, Dominique Blain, Elizabeth Gertsakis, Trevor Gould, Fiona Hall, Moshekwa Langa, Brett Murray, Jin–Me Soon, Leila Sujir, Clive van den Berg and Sue Williamson

The New Republics explores the historical relationship fostered by Great Britain with the great landmass states of Australia, Canada and South Africa. These three countries share a common legacy of British colonization and immigration, and a similar context of destiny, tied to the settlement of a "frontier." Currently, each country is grappling with ideas of national identity, political autonomy, and a sometimes bitter struggle for racial equity and reconciliation.

This project has been funded by the Canadian High Commission, London Arts Board, the Australia Council, the Arts Council of South Africa, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne.

An Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne and Organisation for Visual Arts, London, touring exhibition. Curated by Sunil Gupta. Catalogue text by Sunil Gupta, Edward Ward, Stuart Koop and Sarah Tutton.