Place and Identity: Contemporary South Australian Ceramists at the Millennial Edge Gallery 1

3 August – 9 September 2000

Stephen Bowers, Lincoln Kirby–Bell, Ben Kypridakis, Jeff Mincham, Milton Moon, Silvia Stansfield, Tim Strachan, Gerry Wedd and Liz Williams

At the edge of this new millennium it seems appropriate to ask if contemporary South Australian ceramics practice is sensitive to, or expressive of regional cultural character and social identity, or whether it is simply emulating twentieth century global culture? Place and Identity presents new work by nine leading South Australian ceramists who were invited to consider the question of globalism versus regionalism. Do the works reveal any dialogue, or perhaps just an acknowledgment of our past traditions unique landscapes or multicultural identity? Or are international issues and stylistic trends the dominant influence? Indeed, is there an identifiable South Australian vernacular in contemporary ceramics?

A University of South Australia Art Museum exhibition. Curated and catalogue essay by Dr Noris Ioannou.