Field notes: S(c)ite Works

23 April – 15 May 1999

John Andrews, Scott Drake, Michael Geissler, Rachel Hurst, Jean Jones, Roger Kemp, Peter King, Jane Lawrence, Gini Lee, Ross McLeod, Andrea Mini, Patricia Pringle and Angelina Russo

Field notes: S(c)ite Works is an exhibition of objects which realise the research ideas of designers and architects working in the academic environments of the University of South Australia and RMIT University, Melbourne.

Design research is mostly grounded in examinations of a multiplicity of the sites and cites (s(c)ites). Through field notes, the specificity of the s(c)ite is often redescribed through text. Field notes: S(c)ite Works revisits this reportage, seeking to theorise lived environments as object through experiment.

The designers and architects exhibiting in Field notes: S(c)ite Works include, from the University of South Australia: Scott Drake, Michael Geissler, Rachel Hurst, Jane Lawrence, Gini Lee and Angelina Russo; and from RMIT University: John Andrews, Jean James, Roger Kemp, Ross McLeod, Andrea Mina, and Patricia Pringle.

A University of South Australia Art Museum exhibition. Curated and catalogue essay by Gini Lee.