Motif and Meaning: Aboriginal influences in Australian Art 1930 – 1970

19 August – 18 September 1999

Motif and Meaning
explores the use of Aboriginal motifs by Australian artists during the period 1930 to 1990.

The use of Aboriginal motifs by artists, across a diverse range of media, reflects a strong sense and consciousness of Australian history, as well as respect for the visual, technical and aesthetic elements evident in these motifs.

The exhibition examines the impact of this appropriation, and the interchange between Aboriginal and "white" Australia from a cultural and social perspective.

Australian artists who have incorporated Aboriginal designs and motifs in their work during this period did so for a variety of reasons, creating works that were nationalistic, educative and modern.

A touring exhibition Ballarat Fine Art Gallery and assisted by Visions of Australia. Curated by Claire Baddeley. Catalogue essays by Claire Baddeley, Glenn R. Cooke, Brenda L. Croft and Nicholas Thomas.