UH-OH: Aleks Danko

8 July – 7 August 1999

is an exhibition at the University of South Australia Art Museum which continues Aleks Danko's Songs of Australia project begun in 1996 and, complements the major sculptural commission songs of australia volume 3, At Home currently being undertaken by the artist for the University in the Lion Arts courtyard. Aleks Danko, born in Adelaide, a graduate of the University of South Australia and currently living in Daylesford, Victoria is one of Australia's foremost conceptual artists.

In the spirit of the prior Songs of Australia, this installation explores aspects of Australian cultural beliefs and events in an ongoing desire to be critical of, and discursive about, the social and political upheavals that have dominated life in Australia in recent times.

In the face of the gravity of certain events, humour, in its various guises (irony, parody, satire etc) is extensively employed to provide entry points for one's sanity (for the artist as well as the viewer).

The focus in UH-OH is on the so–called "yellow/red peril", the invasion of Asian hordes from the north. These fears and phobias have been interwoven within the social and political fabric of Australian society since the Gold-rush days of the 19th Century; enmeshed in the White Australia Policy of the 1950's and stitched-up by the rhetoric One Nation's protagonists and supporters in the late 20th Century.

With its underlying humour and irony the installation UH-OH attempts to exorcise and confront those aforementioned xenophobic fears and highlight Australia's commitment or ability to promote tolerance and equity in our troubled geo–political region.

A University of South Australia Art Museum exhibition.