Death: Insights on life

27 February – 5 April 1997

Tom Arthur, Fiona Hall, Leah King–Smith, Anne MacDonald, Robyn Stacey, Laurens Tan and Ken Unsworth

In our society, death is hidden, denied and buried in euphemism. Within Australia, there is very little contemporary art practice on the subject of death or its commemoration. Death: insights on life is an exhibition which explains perceptions of death and aims to stimulate awareness about one of the largest burial grounds and Victorian cemeteries in the world, Rookwood Necropolis.

Death: insights on life includes work produced by seven artists during a residency at Rookwood Necropolis in 1995. Their work examines the subject of death from the perspective of attitudes to death in our present society, various perceptions of death among cultures, the role of the cemetery, the importance of the cemetery to different communities, the cemetery as public space and the heritage of the necropolis in terms of architectural, social, historical and ecological significance.

A touring exhibition managed by the Lewers Bequest and Penrith Region Art Gallery. Curated by Eileen Chanin. Catalogue essays by Eileen Chanin and Phillip Kent.