How Say You?

23 May – 22 June 1996
Sandra Bridie, Stephen Bush, Barbara Campbell, Greg Creek, Lana H. Foil, Peter Hill, Robert Nelson and Kate Reeves

How Say You? is an exhibition designed to confront the issue of authenticity. Eight artists from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart have each produced work that makes a mystery of its authorship and thereby challenges the conventions of artistic production.

Sandra Bridie, Barbara Campbell, Lana H. Foil and Kate Reeves use deliberate deception to create another persona; Greg Creek and Robert Nelson present stylised copies of copies which play with the notion of allegory and forgery; Peter Hill makes the grisly claim that crime must be considered art and Stephen Bush refuses to provide the key to interpret his arcane paintings.

Visitors are encouraged to subject these works to scrutiny and give their ruling. Can an artist make work from the gaps in anothers? Can an artist deliberately withhold the meaning of his or her work? Is art a spectacle of moral damnation? Does identity inhibit artistic creativity? Is crime an art? Is forgery a valid art practice? Is authentication a repression of artistic freedom?

A touring exhibition by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. The exhibition is accompanied by a substantial catalogue with texts by curator Kevin Murray and others.