After Image: painting photography

11 April – 11 May 1996
Stephen Bush, Kate Daw, Anton Hart, Brett Jones/Sarah Stubbs, Merilyn Fairskye, Andrew Seward/Richard Holt, Kieran Kinney and Rabindra Naidoo

After Image is an exhibition of paintings which explore contemporary issues in photography.

New imaging technologies, digital image manipulation and the global expansion of electronic media, are currently changing the traditional definition and meaning of photography. As a consequence, the role of photography in society, the perception of photographs and their status as objective documents, are being reconsidered.

Much recent painting influenced by photography provides the means by which to pose these questions. Just as photo-realist painting in the 1960s highlighted the veracity of photography, painting in the 1990s also reflects the current status of photographic representation. Indeed, this exhibition aims to chart the more recent influences of photography on painting beyond its obvious 'realism'.

A touring exhibition of the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne. Curated by Andrew Seward and Richard Holt. Catalogue essays by Andrew Seward, Richard Holt and Mark Pennings