Angela Valamanesh: Birds Have Fled

7 September – 7 October 1995
Although known for her established practice as a ceramicist, Angela Valamanesh has in recent years extended her skilful management of objects through a wider vocabulary of materials, expressed in the form of installation works.

These are constructed through an intuitive gathering of elements, in which a narrative is suggested more as something "felt" than illustrated. The empty or negative physical spaces of the installation are as important as the objects themselves to this felt narrative, contributing dynamic tension to the overall statement. Valamanesh also is a great fan of fiction writing – especially the works of Emily Dickenson and Colette whose writings evoke feelings of parting and emptiness.

Angela Valamanesh completed a Diploma in Design (Ceramics) in 1977 and a Master of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia.

A University of South Australia Art Museum exhibition. Catalogue essay by James Moss.