Barrie Goddard: Paintings 1970 – 1995

2 March – 25 March 1995
This exhibition reviews 25 years of paintings by Barrie Goddard, from the early 1970s to 1995. During this period Barrie Goddard also taught at the South Australian School of Art.

Commencing in a period of great change in Australian visual arts, Goddard’s early works exemplify much of the prevailing concerns of their time. From the early seventies, Australian artists were increasingly focused on recent developments in New York, undertaking paintings of large scale and which reflected the reductive tendency of American hard-edge abstraction.

The exhibition also traces the artist’s maturation through his subsequent experiments. Barrie Goddard: Paintings 1970 – 1995, represents a journey through colour, space and light and attests to Goddard’s understanding and feel for arid landscape, an environ he has passionately engaged as subject throughout his career.

A University of South Australia Art Museum exhibition. Curated by Erica Green. Catalogue essays by John Stringer and John Neylon.