Real Fictions

21 May – 20 June 1992
Di Barrett, Alyx Macfadyen, Rick Martin, Josie Starrs and Lisa Tomasetti

Real Fictions is the work of a group of South Australian photographers who in their different ways, evolve the Renaissance portraitists, playing as they do with neo–classical, heroic treatments of the human subject in painting and sculpture.

These photo-portraits are highly elusive, with a unique and idiosyncratic iconography, which writer Cath Kenneally explores in detail in her catalogue essay.

Following the launch of the exhibition at the Art Museum, the South Australian Exhibition Touring Program (SATEP), will manage its tour to regional centres.

A University of South Australia Art Museum exhibition. Exhibition co–ordinator: Madeleine Mallee. Catalogue essay by Cath Kenneally.