Common Sense

07 March – 06 April 1991

John Bartley, Ian Bettinson, Bill Brown, Robert Eadie, Vivienne Ferguson, Merrick Fry, Claire Hodkinson, Jan King, Alan Lawson, Allan Mitelman, Julie Savage and Ken Whisson

“The suggestion that ‘common sense’ has not entirely vanished from the microcosm where art is made and sold will probably sounds no less unrealistic to its residents than to its visitors. But the placement of an exhibition of contemporary art under the aegis of this category is neither nostalgic nor haphazard. It aims at suggesting two basic verities. Firstly that the public sensibility has not entirely been numbed out of existence by the drone of the mass media. Secondly, that it is through a moment of sensuous satisfaction that the works constitute themselves as appearances. A simple conviction underlies this curatorial attempt: ‘good art’ makes us feel in a way which makes us think. More precisely, it can mirror back to us our condition, changing as we change and making us feel what it actually means to be human.” – Jacques Delaruelle

A University of South Australia Art Museum exhibition. Curated and catalogue essay by Jacques Delaruelle.