Mark ELAND and Vertigo Productions, The Waiting Room, 2018.

Molly Reynolds and Rolf de Heer: The Waiting Room

Friday 14 September Friday 30 November 2018

Time begins, ends and goes astray in The Waiting Room. It is the place between ‘before’ and ‘after’. A place where realities converge and diverge. In The Waiting Room, we are transported to that place, where the elusive yet exacting nature of time reveals itself.

International award-winning filmmakers Molly Reynolds and Rolf de Heer, together with visual designer Mark Eland and sound designer Tom Heuzenroeder, present a cinematic installation in five dimensions, traversing the audio-visual realm through space and time. Continuing the Samstag Museum of Art’s series of moving image commissions in partnership with the Adelaide Film Festival, The Waiting Room is Reynolds's and de Heer’s first foray into creating work expressly for an exhibition context. Matching technical dexterity with conceptual depth, it promises to push the boundaries of the cinematic experience.

A Samstag Museum of Art exhibition in association with the 2018 Adelaide Film Festival.