Community Events

Below is a list of community events which may be of interest, offering you the opportunity to learn about and participate in local activities. This listing is offered as a service to the community and community event organisers. Please contact the organisers directly for additional information, as generally, the Hawke Centre is not involved in these community events.

If you have a community event you would like to promote through our website, please forward details to or call 8302 7135 for more information.


Plant Sounds
13-24 March

Inspired by the book The Secret Life of Plants, technology is used to transform plants into musical instruments – playing sounds otherwise inaudible to the human ear. Experience also a multichannel soundscape of frequencies found in nature and journey into the worlds of SuperNature. Plant Songs will allow you experience the invisible sound spectrum of  "The Secret Sounds of Plants". More information

Harmony Day 
21 March

Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. See the Harmony Day website for events in your area.




Areas of study and research

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