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The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre

Strengthening our democracy. Valuing our diversity. Building our future.

The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, known as the Hawke Centre, is a community-focused centre devoted to generating ideas and solutions to achieve cohesive, sustainable societies. We engage with local and international communities through public learning activities including lectures, seminars, alliances and research projects.

Nelson Mandela

"I commend the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre for its efforts in strengthening democracy, valuing cultural diversity and building the future through its public program, research institute and library. Such values are necessary if we are to create sustainable societies and a peaceful world."

The late Nelson Mandela, International Patron (2001-2013)   

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  • Australia’s Asylum Seeker Policy

    Australia's Asylum Seeker Policy

    Where will change come from and what could it look like?

    Delivered by Brad Chilcott, founder and National Director of Welcome to Australia

    23 October, 7pm
    Allan Scott Auditorium

  • Enslaved in a Magdalene Laundry, Adelaide


    Art by Rachael Romero, a survivor of 'The Pines'
    5 September - Friday 3 October

    September exhibition
  • Community Information Sessions

    Community Information Sessions

    Australian Cornish Mining Heritage Site
    22 & 23 September, Kadina and Burra

    More information

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