The University of South Australia is proud to support the 2017 WOMADelaide Planet Talks series


The University of South Australia is proud to be the sole education partner for WOMADelaide 2017 Planet Talks program for the fourth year running.

From the 10 - 13 March 2017 WOMADelaide will bring together more than 500 artists and speakers from 25 countries, and the Planet Talks program will take fans’ experiences beyond the sounds, sights and flavours of this iconic outdoor event to friendly environmental debate. 

With a stimulating line up of artists and speakers in six thought-provoking panel discussions over three days, the Planet Talks program will explore new ideas and discover how we can live more sustainably and harmoniously on our planet.

As a University committed to innovative, enterprising and industry relevant research, we believe in the power of education, debate and discussion. This is why we sponsor this important event.

2017 Planet Talks program

The 2017 Planet Talks program will include six interactive sustainability workshops featuring presenters such as:

  • Sir Tim Smit (UK): Executive Vice-Chairman, and Co-founder of the multi award winning Eden Project in Cornwall. Eden began as a dream in 1995 and opened its doors to the public in 2000, since when more than 16 million people have come to see what was once a sterile pit turned into a cradle of life containing world-class horticulture and startling architecture symbolic of human endeavour. 
  • Carmel Johnston (USA):Carmel Johnston recently finished serving as the Commander of the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (Hi-SEAS 4) where she and five other people lived in complete isolation for an entire year to simulate a Mars mission.
  • Erin Rhoads: Erin is the curious lady behind Australia's best known zero waste blog, The Rogue Ginger. She writes about her attempts to live a plastic free and zero waste life, sharing plastic free alternatives to shopping, cooking, makeup, fashion, cleaning and travel while trying to create no rubbish.
  • Veronica Perrule Dobson: Arrernte elder, linguist, ecologist ,2015 NAIDOC Female Elder of the year , Veronica has been described as Arrandic equivalent of a professor of environmental science. 
  • Dr Nic Chileshe (UniSA): Nic is a Senior Lecturer in Construction & Project Management in the School of Natural and Built Environment at the University of South Australia and his current research interests include waste management and reverse logistics.
  • Prof Mohamad Abdalla (UniSA): Professor Abdalla, Director of the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education, is one of Australia’s most prominent and respected Australian Muslim leaders combining the roles of an academic scholar, public intellectual, religious leader and commentator. 
  • Dr Lewis Yerloburka O'Brien (UniSA): Kaurna Elder, Lewis Yerloburka O'Brien, AO, has provided many decades of support to the indigenous and non-indigenous communities, complemented by substantial contributions to scholarly and creative domains, in particular the maintenance and promotion of Kaurna language and culture.

To view the full Planet Talks program, visit the Planet Talks page.

WOMADelaide Planet Talks

2016 Planet Talks program

The 2016 Planet Talks program included many business leaders, activists, educators, media identities and political experts including esteemed Canadian science broadcaster and environmentalist David Suzuki, award winning physicist and UniSA's own Professor Tanya Monro, Australia's only Walkley award-winning marsupial-based cartoonist First Dog on the Moon and Internode founder Simon Hackett.

If you missed the Planet Talks program not a problem, visit the Planet Talks webpage to view live videos of the panel discussions.

Favourite WOMADelaide moment

Our students and staff love going to WOMADelaide and over its 25 year history, we are sure there are some really interesting WOMADelaide stories out there. From now up until WOMADelaide we will share a range of WOMADelaide memories from our staff. Below is our first from Professor Rick Sarre, from our School of Law.


We'd love to hear your story - just post your favourite WOMADelaide moment on Facebook, twitter or Instagram and tag it with #UniSAWOMAD

UniSA, T-Bar and ABC Radio T bar

UniSA along with T-Bar and ABC Radio will host the UniSA T bar again in 2017. Here festival goers can enjoy a cup of hot or ice tea and coffee, see first-hand ABC Radio interviews, learn about UniSA's sustainability research, buy some interesting art, relax and listen to some music or even charge their mobile phone on our solar phone charging station.

The UniSA T bar will feature furniture and solar phone charging station all designed by UniSA industrial design students. Find out more about the student projects in the below videos.

Everyday environmental tips
Everyone can make a positive impact on the environment

To get prepared for the Planet Talks program, here are some everyday environmental tips to consider!

How to conserve energy and footprint:

  • Insulate your home. Start with your roof – remember hot air rises - then move on to your walls if possible
  • Install solar panels
  • Use weather seals on doors and windows to stop the draughts
  • Heat/cool only certain areas of the home during the times you need them
  • Use timers to turn on/off heaters
  • Buy energy efficient appliance
  • Install LED lighting – the bulbs last longer, are more efficient.

How to conserve water:

  • Plant native plants that don’t need extra watering once they’re established
  • Install a rainwater tank and have it connected to your toilet, hand basin and so on (this is the law for new homes in South Australia)
  • When purchasing products that use water (for example washing machines, shower heads) look for the WELS label which displays how much water the device uses. Use the star rating to compare similar products and make the right water-wise choice – the more stars the better.


  • The time we spend commuting to work is increasing, and the money we have to spend on roads, cars, petrol, tyres and so on is also increasing. Reduce your car use – carpool, walk, run, ride, use public transport or all of the above.

If you have more tips bring them to WOMADelaide to share with other festival goers.

TerryWhite Chemmart and UniSA pop up chemist

TerryWhite Chemmart and UniSA are delighted to offer professional pharmacist advice, quality products, and great prices at our pop-up pharmacy within the grounds of WOMADelaide. Qualified TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacists and UniSA pharmacy students are available at all times to assist you with your health needs, with pharmacy and pharmacist only medicines stocked for your convenience.

Make sure you come say hi!

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