About Singapore Alumni Chapter

The University of South Australia (UniSA) Singapore Alumni Chapter was officially established in 2009, however a group of highly motivated like-minded people had been meeting informally since the early 2000's. Their aim was to help fellow alumni in Singapore and spread the good name of UniSA. Today, the vision of the Chapter remains unchanged. We strive to assist fellow alumni in Singapore; support the work of UniSA; promote the good name and advance the interests of UniSA in Singapore.

Mission and Vision

The University of South Australia (UniSA) Singapore Alumni Chapter aims to strengthen the bonds of UniSA alumni living and working in Singapore, regardless of nationality or country of origin. The Chapter organises regular social and professional networking events; provides a significant link amongst all alumni; and acts as a platform for graduates to help one another within an international context. By bringing together its members in various events throughout the year, the Chapter creates a friendly and informal platform to promote the University of South Australia.

The President and the members of the alumni Committee, have a very clear vision for the Singapore Alumni Chapter. We seek to:

  • Continue to build and strengthen the value, branding and quality of the UniSA Singapore alumni experience;
  • Support UniSA and foster a strong sense of community among South Australian and Australian graduates in Singapore;
  • Maintain UniSA's strategic influence in promoting the University, South Australia and Australia.

Meet the President

Lawrence Lim, President, University of South Australia Singapore Chapter

Lawrence has been involved in UniSA alumni activities for more than 10 years. From 2005 to 2016, he served the committee as elected Chair to the Singapore Engineering Interest Group, and has held the roles of Treasurer, Secretary, Auditor and Ordinary Member for the UniSA Singapore Chapter. He had considerable experience in the operation and management of the UniSA Singapore Chapter before he became the President in July 2016.

Currently he is also wearing another hat as the elected President for the Engineers Australia Singapore Chapter, an overseas chapter for  Engineers Australia's national office in Canberra.

Lawrence is a member of the management team in a large multi-national company who oversees projects in commissioning, installation, design and manufacture of the Power and Distribution Industries in the Asia region.

He hopes the Chapter will continue to facilitate networking among all the graduates of UniSA residing in Singapore, as well as visiting UniSA alumni. The Chapter will continue to provide a platform for all UniSA graduates for social gathering and regular networking activities by organizing talks, seminars, workshops and functions. Through these activities he hopes to maintain the bonding of the alumni and to strengthen our UniSA branding internationally and locally.


Singapore Committee Members 2017/2018

Lawrence Lim
Chapter President
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering)


Gavin Pah
Chapter Vice President
Bachelor of Design, Product Design and Technology 

Jaelyn Ng
Chapter Treasurer
Bachelor of  Business Administration 


Ice Tan Ziyu
Chapter Secretary
Bachelor of Business (Property) 

Mr Lionel Ng
Chapter Committee Member
Bachelor of Business (Property)


Claire Wee Poh Suan
Chapter Committee Member
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering)

Ng Ming
Chapter Committee Member
Bachelor of Accountancy


Kennard Fong
Chapter Committee Member
Bachelor of Business (Property) 

Rency Seah
Chapter Committee Member
Bachelor of Business Administration 


Andrew Wong
Chapter Committee Member
Master of Business Administration

David Teo
Chapter Committee Member 
Bachelor of Technolcogy (Product Design and Innovation) 


Robin Koo
Chapter Committee Member
Bachelor of Management (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)







 The University of South Australia has developed an International Alumni Chapter Committee Guide to assist
Chapter committee members in their valued role. > Read International Alumni Chapter Committee Guide

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