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The Alumni Business Directory provides an opportunity for the University alumni to promote their own business or the organisation they work for by offering discounts on products and services to other alumni from the University.

Benefits listed on the directory can only be accessed by Alumni Network Card holders. Access to benefits requires you to show your Network Card or quote your Network Card number.

Promoting your business or the organisation you work for on the Alumni Business Directory is free of charge and will expose you to more than 40,000 Alumni Network Card holders.

The University Alumni Business Directory

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    To add a business you must:
    1. be alumni from the University of South Australia
    (a graduate of the University of South Australia and its antecedent institutions.)
    2. be an Alumni Network Card holder
    3. offer a discount or benefit on a product or service (eg. 10% discount when purchasing a
  • Delete a business listing

Inclusion in the Alumni Business Directory does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the University of South Australia or the Development Office.

The University of South Australia and the Development Office accept no responsibility for omissions, inaccuracies or misrepresentations to the information supplied by the participants in the Alumni Business Directory, or for any misuse of this information. The Development Office reserves the right to reject or delete listings of products or services.


Sheila Bailey
Development Executive (Alumni)
Tel: 08 830 20975

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