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What would Captain Kirk do?

By: Professor David Lloyd
From: LH Martin Institute 30 October, 2013 

One of the more common distractions I face as a (relatively new) leader is having to frequently devote my attention to answering the question ‘aren’t you very young to be a vice-chancellor?’


Don't rush policy reform, says UA

By: Andrew Trounson, Bernard Lane and Julie Hare
From: The Australian July 24, 2013 12:00AM

MAJOR policy reform of the demand-driven system cannot be rushed in just 72 hours and needs further consultation to avoid unintended consequences, the head of peak group Universities Australia says.


Communication + Collaboration = Innovation

From: The Campus Review July 2013

To achieve an even stronger collaboration between universities and industry, we need to address those issues holding this coexistence back.

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'Unijam' strikes mass chord at University of South Australia

By Paul Jump
From: The Times Higher Education 23 May 2013

When a fresh face enters a vice-chancellor’s office, a revised strategic plan invariably emerges from under the door a few months later.

But the University of South Australia’s new vice-chancellor David Lloyd has decided to break with this closed-door tradition and instead host a giant 48-hour online brainstorming conversation about university strategy with any and all of the institution’s staff, students and alumni who care to take part.


Shaping the future of business

By: Andrew Ramsay
From: UniSA Business Magazine April 2013

“If there’s one thing UniSA could ask of the business community, it would be for more competitive internships.”

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A new vice-chancellor has been appointed at the University of South Australia

From: The Australian August 22, 2012 3:31PM 

Dr David Lloyd, incoming vice-chancellor and president at the University of South Australia, commencing early 2013. Source: Supplied BIOCHEMIST David Lloyd has been appointed vice-chancellor and president of the University of South Australia, commencing in early 2013.


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